Exalted Chance
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The New Jedi Order era, Praetorian Era


Bounty Hunters, The Praetorium Order


History Edit

Bounty Hunter

Exalted Chance was a Coruscanti Bounty Hunter turned Sith. Raised by her parents who ran a zoo on Coruscant, she would stay there up to when she was engaged to a fellow hunter. The two were relatively happy and in love, when Exalted's fiance cheated on her. After walking in on the act Exalted killed her fiance, his mistress, and two witnesses.

After narrowly escaping, Exalted returned to finish the job by burning the apartment. Witness to this was Meng Daishi the former New Republic pilot. Exalted kidnapped him, and he later escaped. The two would meet on several different occasions.

Over the following year Exalted would carry out several bounties while under investigation for her late fiance's murder. The most famous of these was the Kari June hunt. After capturing June in the Jundland wastes, Exalted transported her to Nar Shaddaa. Once there, she was confronted by June's associates Elaine Ceres, Leo Dark, Caine, and Tricen. After a brief confrontation, Exalted detonated the catwalk where they all were. June and associates survived, while Exalted fell down into the dark, or so it would seem

The Blood Tournament

Exalted returned from the lowest levels of the Smuggler's Moon a changed woman, with a startlingly latent and strong connection to the Force. This new connection to the galaxy startled Exalted, and she was thrown into disary. Desperate for guidance, and eager to learn, Exalted found her place in the legions of Darth Praetus, who had recently expelled his Sith Apprentice, Ominio Vern.

So insued the Blood Tournament, which was Praetus's method for sorting through all possible canidates for the apprenticeship. After five grueling challenges Exalted was chosen to be the Sith Apprentice and took on the name Darth Tra'cor, the beginning of something far larger...